Premium Edition

Code Access for Own Usage

Enables users to access, modify, and execute source code for internal usage.

Spreadsheet Function

Offers interactive spreadsheets for data analysis, manipulation, and visualization, supporting formulas and functions.

Calculation Server

Provides a dedicated server environment for performing complex computations, data processing, and analysis tasks efficiently.

API Access

Allows developers to integrate third-party applications, automate workflows, and access platform features through a standardized interface.


Features customizable dashboards for monitoring, analyzing, and visualizing key performance indicators and data trends in real-time.

User Group Administration

Enables the management of user permissions, roles, and access rights within groups for enhanced collaboration and security.

Timestamp Server

Ensures data integrity and non-repudiation by providing secure and verifiable timestamps for digital documents and transactions.

LDAP / SSO Login

Supports LDAP and single sign-on (SSO) for streamlined user authentication and access management across multiple systems.

Custom App Integration

Facilitates the integration of custom applications and tools into the platform, allowing for tailored solutions and enhanced functionality.