Improved Efficiency

Find your research data faster with smart filters. With automatizations, we reduce repetitive tasks, which consume a lot of time and are often prone to error.

Compliance and Data Security

FURTHRmind protects your data. You decide who should have access to which data.

Knowledge Transfer

Discussion about ongoing research will be straight forward and project handover will become easy.

Transparent and Traceable

You will be able to understand the origin of your data, even after a long time and know exactly what was changed within your data.

Get More Out of Your Data

Your data are like diamonds, but do you treat them like that? With FURTHRmind you can harness the true value of your data.

Be Ready For The Future

FURTHRmind enables the useage of technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Process Mining Applications due to structured data.

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